Lincoln Law Center, P.C.
Lincoln Law Center, P.C.

Consumer Protection

Lincoln Law Center will review your circumstances to develop a strategy to eliminate harrassment from creditors and fight back when they violate Federal Consumer Protection laws.  



Personal Service

Everyone's situation is different.  We offer customized leal solutions to meet each Client's unique needs, with Cusotmer Service Representatives who apeak Chinese and Vietnamese.



Legal Representation

Lincoln Law Center will provide legal representation if you are sued by a creditor. 



We're here to help

Millions of Americans struggle from interactions with creditors who engage in harrassing and intimidating phone calls.  Many people live in fear of these ocmpanies.  Lincoln Law Center will defend you against those unfair and illegal practices and help alleviate that fear.  Don't suffer through this alone.  Contact us now for help.



You are taking the first step to exercise your rights as a consumer.  Lincoln Law Center can help provide relief from harrassment by creditors and bring back your peace of mind.